Best Food Storage Containers for Your Refrigerator
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Best Food Storage Containers for Your Refrigerator

Jan 28, 2024

Shop these food storage containers to help prolong the life of your produce.

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If food items are constantly getting lost inside the black hole that is your refrigerator—resulting in duped purchases that are adding to the clutter and unnecessarily straining your wallet—it's time to invest in a few storage solutions. By corralling like items (think fruit, vegetables, lunch meats, and dairy) into a few bins, you will be better able to keep track of everything you have, and everything you don't. That means you'll only buy what you actually need and will be more likely to use up the food you have before it spoils.

These are some of our favorite in-fridge storage containers that will help you streamline this difficult space.

These clear BPA-free bins give you an easy view of everything you place inside of them. Better yet, they wipe clean and come in sets of two, five, and seven. They're great for corralling fruit, vegetables, and small snacks like yogurt or single-serve cheeses.

Looking for a sleek set to store grab-and-go leftovers for next-day lunches or snacks? Turn to Martha's BPA-free Tritan plastic storage containers, which have leakproof, airtight seals that guarantee freshness and endless usage. Use them in the freezer, fridge, microwave, or pantry and get them clean again in the dishwasher.

If you're having trouble keeping items like blueberries, strawberries, and carrots from spilling out of their containers and rolling around in your drawers, consider this rubber set. Not only will they keep your produce tidy, but they'll keep them fresher, too.

Utilize every inch of refrigerator space thanks to these extra-deep bins from iDesign. Load them up with jars, cans, or other small items that easily get lost in the shuffle.

These clear containers come with flat green lids that securely close to keep stored items fresh. Plus, thanks to their horizontal surfaces, they're easy to stack.

Made of dolomite ceramic, this visually-pleasing basket deserves a spot at the very front of your shelves; its sturdy handles make it easy to take in and out. Fill it with foods you need to keep together so you can remove them from your refrigerator in one fell swoop—like the ingredients for tonight's dinner!

Overhaul your entire fridge with this eight-piece set, complete with an assortment of sizes—including options that will help keep eggs, seltzer cans, and produce streamlined and organized.

The key to keeping produce fresh is keeping it dry—which is exactly what these plastic containers by Shulemin do, thanks to bottom draining openings that prevent your perishables from sitting in water.

Each produce type has a different ideal humidity level, which is why the customizable vent system on these containers from OXO are so innovative; they're a must-have when it comes to keeping your fresh foods organized. Additionally, they come with a carbon filter that will absorb and trap gasses before they can spoil your perishables.

Chill a couple bottles of white wine without worrying about them rolling around (or falling out of) your fridge thanks to this stackable set.

Take advantage of the vertical space below your shelves by installing these sliding drawers. Fill them with the items you reach for the most, like eggs or butter, so they stay front and center.